XO Organic TWIN Sheet
XO Organic TWIN Sheet

Modern Burlap

XO Organic TWIN Sheet

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Brand: Modern Burlap

Locale: Texas, USA

Color: Black and white

Description: 1 Fitted Twin Sheet. Fits standard Twin mattresses.

Black and white are more than just design choices.™
High-contrast, black and white patterns enhance baby's vision and stimulate brain development.

Modern Burlap continues the tradition of their signature, black and white products with the introduction of their GOTS certified organic cotton muslin fitted crib sheets that are both eco-conscious and gentle on baby's skin! Every sheet is pre-washed, breathable, and ultra soft, becoming even softer with each use and washing. 

What's so extraordinary about the organic cotton muslin fitted crib sheets?

REGULATES TEMPERATURE! The breathable muslin fabric regulates temperature so well, so it is warm and comfortable for your little one year round! During the coldest winter months, it stays warm. During the hottest summer months, it stays cool. When your little one falls asleep in your arms, you can lay them down on a cozy, comfortable sheet for a great sleep! No waking up due to cold sheets!

HIGHLY ABSORBENT! The organic cotton muslin's open-weave design means superior, faster absorbency and fluid retention compared to rayon, synthetics, and cotton blends. It washes easily and dries quickly! For a parent with loads of laundry, super fast drying time can't be overlooked! Plus if baby spits up or leaks out of a diaper in the middle of the night (it happens, right?), that will dry quickly too!

BREATHABLE! The organic cotton muslin is made with an open-weave structure that is lightweight, airy, and breathable. The fabric's breathability will reduce baby's risk of overheating and yield a safe environment!

INCREASED COMFORT AND SOFTNESS! The more you wash it, the softer it becomes!

Material: GOTS certified organic cotton muslin. Certified according to OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 to ensure the exclusion of harmful ingredients.

Washing Instructions: Machine washable.