Wood Teether - The Yves


Wood Teether - The Yves

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Brand: LexyPexy

Locale: New York City, USA

Description: Who among us has never wished she were a beautiful goddess of the sea? The long flowing hair, the shimmering tail, the seashell bikini top...not to mention the superior swimming abilities! In support of daydreamers big and small, they’ve created a lovely lady of the water who will surely make play time just a little more magical.

The mermaid is made from all-natural, sustainable maple wood, which is also naturally non-splintering and anti-bacterial. She’s chemical and toxin-free, perfect for either nibbling or handling.

The intricate design is permanently etched into the wood, featuring both the front and back details of the mermaid. Each piece is hand-finished, sanded smooth, and stamped with the LexyPexy logo and the words 'Made in NYC'. Go ahead, let your fantasy swim free!

“You used to call me on my shell phone.” - Unknown