Woolable Rug Ari

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When it’s time to tuck away from the cold, there's nothing better than a warm knitted wool sweater to snuggle up in. This cozy, washable wool rug, 20% New Zealand, is handmade with double tufting for a multi-textured surface displaying a pattern inspired by cable-knitting. The pattern is outlined in a longer pile length of undyed Sheep White wool that stands out over a Frosted Rose background, and the edges are hand-finished with mixed-colored, twisted fringes. A soft, versatile piece fit for any space and ideal for a cozy kids’ or teenager’s room. It comes packed in a cotton tote bag including a complimentary anti-slip underlay. Suitable for kids from 3 years of age.
Sizes: 4' x 5'6" &  4' 7'' x 6' 7''
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